Prime Club


High-quality sound solution for clubs

The name suggests it: The PSSO Prime Club System is a professional sound system that meets all requirements of modern club culture. What makes it so unique is the mixture of high-quality technical components - all premium drivers come from the French manufacturer CELTO Acoustique - and an extravagant design.

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PSSO Prime Set S
34990 Lei TVA incl
PSSO Prime Set M
39990 Lei TVA incl
PSSO Prime Set XL
41290 Lei TVA incl
PSSO PRIME System Amplifier DSP
15900 Lei TVA incl
PSSO PRIME-10CX Coaxial Speaker 300W
3190 Lei TVA incl
PSSO PRIME-12CX Coaxial Speaker 400W
4390 Lei TVA incl
PSSO PRIME-212 Club Speaker System 1100W
7790 Lei TVA incl
PSSO PRIME-152 Subwoofer 1400W
5290 Lei TVA incl
PSSO PRIME-182 Subwoofer 3000W
6900 Lei TVA incl


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